Route Highlights

Whether it's the finish lap at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, the intermediate sprint in Eschborn or the atmosphere hotspot at Mammolshainer Stich - here you can find out all the route highlights of the Eschborn-Frankfurt cycling classic on 1 May.


Between Main and Taunus – Modern city with high quality of life

Sport has always been very important in Eschborn. The city, located between Main and Taunus, is not only known for its involvement in the Eschborn-Frankfurt cycling race. Citizens participate in many sports. Since 2014, a dedicated club has been organizing the half-marathon “Eschathlon” each year. Year by year it raises more and more interest from all over the region. Thanks to its theatres, concerts, exhibitions, festivals and its municipal cinema Eschborn K, the city offers a dynamic cultural scene and a variety of entertainment possibilities for the young and the old. Since the 1960’s, Eschborn has known an economic growth, which is now reflected in four industrial zones. The particularity of this booming city is certainly its recognizable silhouette. Companies operating on a global scale, in the financial, consulting, IT and telecommunications sectors, have established themselves here. Deutsche Börse AG, which moved its headquarters to Eschborn in 2010, is a striking example.


Frankfurt is a small metropolis and that is precisely what makes the city such a great place to live in! You benefit here from the dynamism of megacities without the stress.

Frankfurt is a small metropolis and that is precisely what makes the city such a great place to live in! You benefit here from the dynamism of megacities without the stress. Sport plays a major role in Frankfurt am Main. Sport has the power to inspire people. This is true to both athletes and spectators. The city of Frankfurt is continually creating and improving the conditions for citizens to do both. Frankfurt’s 420 gymnastics and sports clubs engage 220,000 members in a wide variety of sports. The range of offers allows young and old people to find what they are looking for. High-level events, such as the international cycling race on May 1st, has an important impact on Frankfurt’s reputation as a sporting city. In addition, top international events (the Eschborn-Frankfurt cycling classic, Mainova Ironman European Championship, Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, etc.) combine high performance and amateur sport perfectly. Numerous integrative events such as the Down-Sportlerfestival and the Integrative Spiel-und Sportfest enrich the diversity of the Frankfurt sports calendar.

Oberursel (Taunus)

At the top of the St. Ursula Church, landmark of the city, you can see the historic town.

Charming half-timbered houses, enchanted streets and numerous fountains give the town a special cachet. Thanks to its geographical location and excellent infrastructure, the city is an important place for business and living in the Rhine-Main region. Oberursel (Taunus) is a young and vibrant city: 47,000 people live in the second largest city in the Hochtaunus district with its four districts. Culture, sport and leisure characterise the modern Oberursel. You can peacefully browse the many shops in the city. Whether it is a typical cuisine from the region rather than international speciality: the gastronomy of Oberursel offers large variety of choices. You can reach Frankfurt and the Rhine- Main airport quickly by underground, suburban train and Taunusbahn. Oberursel opens the Taunus door. The city located in the countryside is ideally located as it offers many walks and hikes through the Taunus.

Schwalbach am Taunus

Schwalbach am Taunus is happy to welcome the bike race on May 1st!

The small town of 15,000 inhabitants is located in the Natural park of Taunus and brush the metropole of the region. The city is ideally located. It benefits from the greenery and from the excellent public transportation. The town hall, the half-timbering and the restaurants of the historic town centre take us back in the initial village created in 781. In the 1960’s the city created an urban place called Limes in the shape of a large tree leaf.  A wide range of internationally renowned company players are in Schwalbach and employ 9,000 people.


Kronberg has a rich history and a varied cultural offer.

Kronberg is an integral part of an open, dynamic and economically robust Frankfurt / Rhein-Main region. Its appeal lies in its situation: right in the heart of such a fast-growing region and simultaneously in the quietest corner one could imagine here. The international stature of the city is not an idle wish, it is at the core of its everyday business. The medieval castle of Kronberg was built in the 13th century. The shops, the gastronomy and the museums make the old town a picturesque and very well-preserved place. The small streets and squares of the city make Sunday walks a pleasant moment. Kronberg is also an ideal starting point for cyclists who love the Taunus heights.