The long route, ŠKODA Velotour Taunus Classic, covers 103 kilometers and is a true everyman classic. 1700 meters of altitude are distributed on the course, which also the professionals take under the wheels at the cycling classic. Legendary climbs, such as Feldberg and Mammolshainer Stich included.

You want to save the Mammolshainer Stich for next year, but still experience the classic Feldberg? Then the ŠKODA Velotour Taunus Express is just right for you. On 92 kilometers you will experience 1450 meters of altitude.

For beginners, whether into cycling or into the season, the ŠKODA Velotour Skyline is the perfect experience. 40 almost completely flat kilometers between Eschborn and Frankfurt give you the opportunity to get a taste of the racing circus. An impressive city tour through Frankfurt's urban canyons, the Taunus community of Oberursel and the beautiful Vordertaunus region guarantee an ideal holiday.

Škoda Velotour Taunus Classic - 103 km

1700 metres in altitude, 103 kilometres, legendary climbs such as the Feldberg, Kittelhütte and Mammolshainer Stich - and all this on exactly the same route that the professionals take under their wheels in the cycling classic: with the Škoda Velotour Classic, you take on the ultimate classic in mass sports. And those who conquer the Feldberg very quickly on our long distance also have the chance to win the title of Tissot King/Queen of the Mountain or Frankfurt Hero.


Škoda Velotour Taunus Express - 92 km

The Škoda Velotour Taunus Express: Almost 1450 metres in altitude over 92 kilometres and, apart from the Mammolshainer, all the major climbs of the Eschborn-Frankfurt cycling classic, which also challenges the pros. Our middle distance is the ideal alternative for all those who want to take it a little easier in spring, but are still looking for a real challenge. And of course you also have the chance to become a Tissot King or Queen of the Mountain or Frankfurt Hero.


Škoda Velotour Skyline - 40 km

From skyline to skyline - the Škoda Velotour Skyline not only offers 40 almost flat kilometres between Eschborn and Frankfurt. But also an impressive city tour through Frankfurt's urban canyons, the Taunus communities of Oberursel and the beautiful Vordertaunus. An ideal opportunity to see the region through completely different eyes and to get a taste of the racing circus - even if you haven't yet accumulated quite as many training kilometres in the spring.

Škoda Velotour Ride

With the Škoda Velotour Ride, recreational cyclists have the unique chance to start in their own starting block without timekeeping on 40 closed-off kilometres. With your normal city and trekking bikes or e-bikes, the focus of the Škoda Velotour Ride is on enjoyable cycling. You can experience the unique classic atmosphere at the side of the track without taking part in one of the races. You will start together in your own starting block after the other participants of the mass sport races in Eschborn and ride the flat course of the Škoda Velotour Skyline through Eschborn, Frankfurt and the Vordertaunus.