ŠKODA Velotour E-Race

Virtual cycling classic for everyone - the ŠKODA Velotour E-Race!

Since 2020, the cycling classic has not only taken place on the streets of Eschborn, Frankfurt and Team Taunus, but also virtually!

ROUVY Challenge: Ride at the same time as the elite

You can't be there on May 1? Experience the #Radklassiker feeling at home with the 3rd virtual edition of the race on ROUVY. At the same time as the elite, thanks to ROUVY's 1:1 simulations, you can ride a shorter 40km loop at the e-Race starting at 1pm and feel like a pro.

ROUVY and Eschborn-Frankfurt are pleased to offer a virtual community version of ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT for the 3rd time on May 1, 2022. Thanks to ROUVY's 1:1 simulations, all riders who want to feel like a pro for a day or just for fun can ride a shorter loop of ESCHBORN-FRANKFURT, the ŠKODA VELOTOUR Skyline route, at 1pm. At the same time, a challenge will take place until May 22nd, which will allow you to retrace four sections of the cycling classic on ROUVY. Afterwards, more than 20 prizes will be raffled among all participants.

Click here for the challenge

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